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Dentist Play Set

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Pretend Doctor Playset: This 33-piece Kid Doctor Pretend Play Set features pretend-to-play medical “tools” such as a stethoscope, blood pressure gauge, a toolbox, dental instruments, doctor’s clipboard, surgical instruments, and more! Great for the dentist, doctor and nurse pretend play activities! Carrying Case: There is a portable doctor’s toolbox to hold all your medical tools, gadgets, and devices. The carrying case/toolbox features a handle at the top for easy transport, and a heart-shaped lock to keep the contents securely inside. Makes Sounds and Lights-Up: The stethoscope produces heart-beating sounds and lights up when used! Makes the experience much more inclusive and dynamic. Dentistry as well: This Kid Doctor Pretend Play Set also comes with dentistry tools. It is a doctor’s set and dentistry set in one!