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12" Gender Reveal Paper & Mylar Confetti Cannon

12" Gender Reveal Paper & Mylar Confetti Cannon

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Announce the gender of your baby with one of our Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons! Our blue and pink mix is a perfect blend of blue or pink metallic mylar and blue or pink tissue paper mixed together.  Each cannon is loaded with this shiny mix of confetti, in a generic design.  The confetti cannon design is opaque, meaning there's no way to tell the color inside prior to launch. Our cannons are easy to use, once you're ready, just point and twist. Be sure to have the cameras ready to capture the excitement as thousands of slips shower the people that mean the most to you. Get all the guests in on the excitement, order multiple cannons for maximum excitement and the largest possible shower of confetti.

Questions? No worries using our hand held confetti cannons is easy, point, twist, and hold on!

style #GR-12PIC & GR-12BC


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