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Gender Reveal Holi Powder Cannon

Gender Reveal Holi Powder Cannon

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Celebrate the reveal of your babies gender with our holi powder cannons! These amazing powder cannons are one-time use, and when launched propel blue or pink holi powder up to 25ft in the air. Powder cannons are a type of handheld confetti launcher powered by co2, but instead of launching confetti they shoot colored powder that looks like smoke. Blue or pink powder is an ideal choice to surprise expecting mom's and dad's the gender of their baby at a gender reveal party! Have someone close to the couple learn the baby's gender and order, keeping the baby's gender a secret until the big reveal. Each cannon is filled with 150 grams of holi powder, which is completely safe, non-toxic, made of rice, water soluble and ready to use by twisting.

Please note: There is no indication of the color besides a sticker on the bottom of the cannon. Beaware it's possible there is some powder on the packaging, that can be easily cleaned off.

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